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Outdoor Grills, BBQ, Grilling Accessories, and Smokers

Outdoor grills and smoker selection – Litchfield Park, AZ

Floyd’s Ace Hardware sells Traegar grills and Big Green Egg ceramic cookers, charcoal and any grilling accessory you could possibly need!

Traeger Grill Gold Dealer

We are a GOLD Traeger dealer. That means we offer a great selection of all the best Traeger products as well as amazing grilling knowledge. We are currently the only Gold Traeger dealer in Litchfield Park, meaning we’ve got the best selection in town!

Do you need assistance putting your grill together or getting it home? Simply tell one of our friendly team members or the cashier at checkout! We will be happy to provide FREE assembly and delivery service for you so you can immediately get GRILLING!

Our helpful folks cook on the grills we sell (oftentimes right at our store!) We know what works and will be happy to share our tips for the novice or expert griller.

Why buy a grill from Floyd’s Ace Hardware?

Here’s why you should you get your next grill from the helpful folks here at Floyd’s Ace Hardware in Litchfield Park, AZ!

1. Selection

Floyd’s Ace Hardware stocks grills from multiple manufacturers and can special order grills within just a few days. Of course, we showcase our Traeger, Big Green Egg and Weber grills, but we have so many more brands readily available to order. Not sure what you need? Just ask! That’s why they call us “The Helpful Folks!”

2. Delivery and FREE grill assembly!*

A new grill can be a hassle to get home, especially if it doesn’t fit in your vehicle or you don’t have help to carry it into the yard. Let us help assemble and deliver your new grill for you. We’ve done so many of them that we can often assemble them much faster and easier so you can get grilling right away. We’ll even get rid of the box! Need us to haul away your old grill? We can take care of that too!

3. Parts

Things wear out and break, even on the most sturdily made grill. We stock many common parts for grills and can order whatever part you might need if it’s not in stock. Bring the broken part in for us to take a look at and we’ll be happy to identify the new part you’ll need.

4. Accessories

What’s a grill without all the fun and shiny new accessories? We carry grill covers, spatulas, dry rubs, spices, sauces, lighters, tongs, forks, cleaners, smoking wood chips, and pretty much everything else your imagination can think of. We also sell and refill propane tanks.

Our helpful folks cook on the grills we sell (oftentimes  right at our store!) We know what works and will be happy to share our tips for the novice or expert griller.

*On grills and accessories totaling $399 and up. Exclusively for Ace Rewards Members. Not an Ace Rewards Member? It’s free and only takes a few minutes to sign up with our cashiers at check out. Enjoy all of the special discounts and coupons that come your way as an Ace Rewards Member!