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The most common materials used for insect screening material are aluminum, fiberglass, and in some cases PVC (for solar insect screens).

Different Mesh Sizes

Mesh size is the main differentiator between types of window and door screens.

One of the most standard screen dimensions is 18×16 mesh, which means that within one square inch, there are 18 horizontal fibers and 16 vertical fibers.

Sizes like 18×14 are typically used for pool areas or patio and porch insect screening. If you live in an area where small insects like gnats are an issue, a tighter mesh like a 20×20 will help to keep them out of your home. Visibility and durability are also factors you need to consider when deciding which material to go with.

Window and Door Screen Repair

Mesh Material Size

Types of Window & Door Screens Available for Installation

Our experts will be happy to walk you through the different options with each.

Fiberglass Insect

Fiberglass is the most commonly used window and door screen and is made of vinyl coated fiberglass. The vinyl coating helps to protect the screen so it will last longer against the Arizona sun.


Solar screens are darker than a standard insect window screen when installed on your windows. The solar material helps to keep your home cool by blocking the sun’s heat before it reaches the window glass, which can significantly reduce your air conditioning bill during the hot months. The UV rays are blocked so this will also help to protect home furnishings near the window such as furniture, drapes and floors.

These also provide more daytime privacy as it will be very difficult for people to see inside your home during the daylight hours. Similar to a pair of dark sunglasses, even though people can’t see in, you can still have good outward visibility.

Enhanced View

Enhanced View offers the top of the line screen clarity, often referred to as Invisible Screens. The fiberglass has thinner strands and a tighter mesh to provide the best outdoor visibility.


Aluminum screens are durable and resist rust and sagging because their protective coating prevents corrosion and strengthens the mesh.


Pet screens are perfect for over-active pets that like to tear up standard material. They are tear and puncture-resistant to prevent damage by dogs and cats. This pet-proof material provides excellent outward visibility and is not harmful to pets.


The No-See-Um screens have a much tighter fiberglass mesh than standard in order to keep out the small insects. The mesh count is as tight as 20 x 30 as compared to the standard 18 x 16 mesh insect screen.